2019 Honda Civic sedan: Refresh or not?


2019 Honda Civic refresh

In this segment of ‘Refresh or not’, we will check whether the ever-popular Honda Civic will get an update next year. The car underwent a pretty hefty change in design in 2016 and has remained unchanged since. It’s almost three years now and many people are expecting a refresh just about now. Will Honda go through with it? Let’s find out

Refresh probability 20%
Changes Mild and routine
Price $20,630
Release date 2019

*based on available information on the time of writing. Updated periodically

2019 Honda Civic sedan- what to expect

Not much! The 2019 Honda Civic will most likely remain very similar to the current model. This is because the car has become very popular and most people want it just like it is. Honda doesn’t want to fix something that isn’t broken and thus credible sources say that the Civic’s first proper refresh will only come in 2020.

This means that people waiting for a Hybrid would have to wait a year more too. The Civic Hybrid in pipeline gets a 170bhp gasoline+electric mill returning more than 50 mpg.

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Won’t there be any changes for 2019?

Well the routine software update for the infotainment system can be expected. Also there could be upgrades to some of the safety features. However almost everything else, from exterior and interior design, engine and variants list will remain unchanged.

2019 Honda Civic price & release date

Since the car remains virtually identical, its price is also not expected to change much going in to 2019. The current model retails for $20,530 to $34,990. The car will be announced later this year and will reach dealerships by December-January.

New Honda Civic for 2019

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